There is an ethic in nature photography that says "take only pictures ... leave only footprints" . We never forget that our work is part of a family's memory of sacred day, a special place in time and a lasting image of the face of a loved one.

Documentary photography seeks only to record, never to interfere. We have photographed on merry-go-rounds, mountain tops, islands and on the backyard swing.

On a wedding day we may photograph the shoes you wore, the tiny gifts on each table, the flowers you chose and the street you walked down. All are part of an enduring memory.

Video Fusion is a composite of brief video clips, something you might say to him or he might say to you, your first dance, and vows interleaved in a video with photographic images. Typically we set this to music played that on your wedding day. We use natural light only and take a very low key approach. Video Fusion is an option we offer complimentary.

Above all else we hope to leave happy memories behind for generations to come.
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