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Seetha & Justin's Wedding

April 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

In a month filled with snow storms, one amazing, beautiful day came to DC and warmed all of our hearts.  We would like to express our special thanks to Seetha, Justin, their family and friends for an absolutely wonderful day.  

Our thanks also to Michael Deltette and the entire staff of the Park Hyatt  for a perfect day. Wedding Getting Ready02Wedding Getting Ready02 Wedding Getting Ready01Wedding Getting Ready01 Wedding Getting Ready04Wedding Getting Ready04 Wedding Getting Ready05Wedding Getting Ready05 Wedding Getting Ready07Wedding Getting Ready07 Wedding Getting Ready08Wedding Getting Ready08 Wedding Getting Ready09Wedding Getting Ready09 Wedding Getting Ready10Wedding Getting Ready10 Wedding Getting Ready11Wedding Getting Ready11 Wedding Getting Ready13Wedding Getting Ready13 Wedding Getting Ready14Wedding Getting Ready14 Wedding Getting Ready15Wedding Getting Ready15 Wedding Getting Ready16Wedding Getting Ready16 Wedding Getting Ready17Wedding Getting Ready17 Wedding Getting Ready18Wedding Getting Ready18 Wedding Getting Ready19Wedding Getting Ready19 Wedding Getting Ready20Wedding Getting Ready20 Wedding Getting Ready21Wedding Getting Ready21 Wedding Getting Ready22Wedding Getting Ready22 Wedding Getting Ready23Wedding Getting Ready23 Wedding Getting Ready24Wedding Getting Ready24 Wedding Getting Ready26Wedding Getting Ready26 Wedding Getting Ready27Wedding Getting Ready27 Wedding Getting Ready28Wedding Getting Ready28 Wedding Getting Ready29Wedding Getting Ready29 Wedding Getting Ready31Wedding Getting Ready31 Wedding Getting Ready32Wedding Getting Ready32 Wedding Getting Ready34Wedding Getting Ready34 Wedding Getting Ready35Wedding Getting Ready35 Wedding Getting Ready36Wedding Getting Ready36 Wedding Getting Ready37Wedding Getting Ready37 Wedding Getting Ready38Wedding Getting Ready38 Wedding Getting Ready39Wedding Getting Ready39 Wedding Getting Ready40Wedding Getting Ready40 Wedding Getting Ready41Wedding Getting Ready41 Wedding Getting Ready42Wedding Getting Ready42 Wedding Getting Ready44Wedding Getting Ready44 Wedding Getting Ready45Wedding Getting Ready45 Wedding Getting Ready46Wedding Getting Ready46 Wedding Getting Ready47Wedding Getting Ready47 Wedding Getting Ready48Wedding Getting Ready48 Wedding Getting Ready49Wedding Getting Ready49 Wedding x Ceremony01Wedding x Ceremony01 Wedding x Ceremony02Wedding x Ceremony02 Wedding x Ceremony03Wedding x Ceremony03 Wedding x Ceremony04Wedding x Ceremony04 Wedding x Ceremony05Wedding x Ceremony05 Wedding x Ceremony06Wedding x Ceremony06 Wedding x Ceremony07Wedding x Ceremony07 Wedding x Ceremony08Wedding x Ceremony08 Wedding x Ceremony09Wedding x Ceremony09 Wedding x Ceremony10Wedding x Ceremony10 Wedding x Ceremony11Wedding x Ceremony11 Wedding x Reception 01Wedding x Reception 01 Wedding x Reception 02Wedding x Reception 02 Wedding x Reception 03Wedding x Reception 03 Wedding x Reception 04Wedding x Reception 04 Wedding x Reception 05Wedding x Reception 05 Wedding x Reception 06Wedding x Reception 06 Wedding x Reception 07Wedding x Reception 07 Wedding x Reception 08Wedding x Reception 08 Wedding x Reception 09Wedding x Reception 09 Wedding x Reception 11Wedding x Reception 11 Wedding x Reception 12Wedding x Reception 12 Wedding x Reception 14Wedding x Reception 14 Wedding x Reception 16Wedding x Reception 16 Wedding x Reception 17Wedding x Reception 17 Wedding x Reception 18Wedding x Reception 18 Wedding x Reception 19Wedding x Reception 19 Wedding x Reception 20Wedding x Reception 20 Wedding x Reception 21Wedding x Reception 21 Wedding x Reception 22Wedding x Reception 22 Wedding x Reception 23Wedding x Reception 23 Wedding x Reception 24Wedding x Reception 24 Wedding x Reception 26Wedding x Reception 26 Wedding x Reception 27Wedding x Reception 27 Wedding x Reception 28Wedding x Reception 28 Wedding x Reception 29Wedding x Reception 29 Wedding x Reception 30Wedding x Reception 30 Wedding x Reception 31Wedding x Reception 31 Wedding x Reception 32Wedding x Reception 32 Wedding x Reception 33Wedding x Reception 33


HayMcKenna Fine Photography
Thank you Seetha and Justin!!!! You were stunning. I could not have been a more beautiful day. Jose and Elaine
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